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21 day Momentum builder

You Actually Might Not Recognize Yourself After 21 Days of Gains.


Time to sign up & space are limited, so don't hesitate to make this move.  

You will receive an email to schedule your Onboarding if you make it into this round.  If not, you'll go on the Waitlist & we'll contact you when this opportunity opens up again. 

Green Sportswear
Lifting Dumbbell

What is the Momentum Builder?

The Momentum Builder is a full immersion into the Gains Coaching Experience.  It all begins with the onboarding.  This is where we’ll dive deep into your health, goals, and mindset.  We’ll take the info back to the lab, create a monster plan, and coach you through it. 

We want everybody to crush their goals and work their health plan. This free 21 day program is designed to give you a jumpstart.  We’re giving away a hybrid program – a mash up of our Thrive & Intense Gains Programs – that will get you more focused, stronger, and gaining on those goals in just 3 weeks.

Here Comes the Science A.K.A. This is Why Momentum Building works

When you take focused action towards your goals, confidence increases, next your ability increases, and then you take even more action toward your goal. 


It’s the Confidence/Competence Loop, baby! 


But you didn’t need Professor Chuck to explain that to you.  You see this loop in your own life & around you all the time.

Indoor Stretch
Person leaning on gymnastic ball

Here's What You Get for 21 Days

  • Clarify your goals during Intake & Onboarding 

  • Stay focused with weekly electrifying 1 on 1 coaching sessions indoors, outdoors, or virtually.  Your choice.

  • Easily schedule sessions through our website & name the place. We service most of Southeast Montgomery County.  If you are outside of range, contact us.  We know the perfect place to meet for a fantastic workout!

  • Be supported with unlimited in app texting & feedback.  Coach Chuck has a pretty killer gif game.

  • Victory Lap Coaching Calls to discuss your successes, challenges, and next steps.

  • Chart your progress using in app Food Tracking

  • Want to get all sciencey? Then let's set & track those Macros. If you're not into it, no worries. Remember, our programs are tailored to you.

  • Habit Building

  • Feel amazing after completing workouts written with your goals in mind & delivered to you through our easy-to-use app.

  • Be confident in your form with easy virtual feedback from the Coach and step by step in app instructions.

  • We won’t leave you hanging.  We’ll discuss next steps at your Catch You Later Program Wrap Up Call. 

Got lots of very good reasons not to join the challenge?
Think Again!
We removed every barrier to entry.

Like every Gains Coaching program.  There’s the framework and then we tailor it to your needs. 


Kids out of school?  Great, we can include them in our outdoor workout.

Going on vacation? Enjoy!  You can workout on the beach using our app.

Short on time? Awesome, we can write you a brief, effective workout you can do anywhere, anytime.


We break down challenges and get it done round here.

Outdoor Sports
Push Ups


There are limited spots for this awesome opportunity to kick your health plan into gear, so don’t wait to sign up. 


Complete the 21 Day Momentum Builder application & schedule as soon as we go live!


Invest in yourself, because complacency is for suckers, and you deserve so much more!

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