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Gains Programs

Our outcome driven programs are designed to meet you where you are.   

Whether what's missing from your fitness plan is nutrition coaching and accountability or if you want help structuring your fitness plan from beginning to end, we've got you covered.  


Our frameworks can be used standalone or bundled. 

Together, you and your coach edit each framework into your personalized program.


Science Backed Nutrition Coaching Built For Your Success, Not Shame

  • Clarify your goals during Intake & Onboarding 

  • Be supported with unlimited in app texting & feedback.  Coach Chuck has a pretty killer gif game.

  • Victory Lap Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls to discuss your successes, challenges, and next steps.

  • Chart your progress using in app Food Tracking

  • Want to get all sciencey? Then let's set & track those Macros. If you're not into it, no worries. Remember, our programs are tailored to you.

  • Habit Building

Eating Lunch
Online Fitness Class


Our No Hassle Fitness Plan Seamlessly Fits Any Schedule

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Excel Package.

  • Feel amazing after completing workouts written with your goals in mind & delivered to you through our easy-to-use app.

  • Be confident in your form with easy virtual feedback from the Coach and step by step in app instructions. 

  • Victory Lap Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls to discuss your successes, challenges, and next steps.

  • Say a permanent goodbye to cookie cutter workouts.

Intense Gains Live

Supercharge Your Workouts with Extraordinary 1 on 1 Coaching

  • Clarify your goals during Intake & Onboarding. 

  • Stay focused with electrifying 1 on 1 coaching sessions indoors, outdoors, or virtually.  Your choice.

  • Master your health journey with expert training designed for only you.

  • Easily schedule sessions through our website & name the place. We service most of Southeast Montgomery County.  If you are outside of range, contact us.  We know the perfect place to meet for a fantastic workout!

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Coming Soon

Group doing planks

The Fit Club

Dynamic Group Sessions Expertly Tailored to You on the Fly

  • Clarify your goals during Intake & Onboarding.

  • Never get lost in the crowd.  We cap our sessions off at 10 members.

  • Feel safe & supported as our coaches seamlessly weave modifications throughout the sessions.

  • Enjoy expert coaching.

  • Sweat in our dynamic 40 minute sessions.

  • Never get bored with our protocols.  They change daily! 

  • Lean into the Gains Coaching Community for motivation support.

  • Be proud while your kiddo cheers you on from our Complimentary Child Care Center, Beanie's Corner. 

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Starting is usually the hardest part.  Don't stay stuck, schedule a free consultation today. You will leave the call with clarity and pride knowing you took another step towards your goals.    

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